Monday, October 17, 2011

LEO ZITA @ Bellestar Event Managment

Leo Luga Zita has been a musician for almost three decades. He started performing playing rhythm guitar since high school and college days at St. Paul’s College in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in the 90’s. He plays the lead guitar, rhythm and sings with a popular band in Cebu afterwards. Upbeat, pop, mellow and hard rock were his forte. He went to Singapore with the band and returned to the country about three (3) years ago. Now without a band, he again studied music and indulges into playing the Saxophone.

Performing solo, took a twist on how Leo Zita defines music. In his debut recording at Studio 26 in Lagro, Quezon City, you can feel the aura of his music, its heart and its soul.

How he blew the Saxophone and holds his breath for so long to express how he commands the notes with the instrument he have, redefines the meaning of the path he took for almost three decades. All of us were moved when listening to the music he plays. He redefined music by the way he interprets the pieces he performed at its best! We were owed watching and listening him played LIVE without a CUT! Clamoring for more!

Leo Zita, performing LIVE at Studio 26 in Lagro, Quezon City, for his debut MTV album: “The Cross Road”, with JM Almoneda and Nick Naval on the video:

Saturday, September 17, 2011


With EJ Park, its music at its best!

Be it rock, modern or classical, EJ PARK, known worldwide as a musical genius in electronic violin, once again swung her bow with such grace and precision hitting every note there is in such a display of mastery of her craft to the delight of the crowd!

The Korea Women’s Association of the Philippines together with the Korean Students Associations in the Philippines with their relatives and friends, successfully held a concert for the benefit of the KOPINO FEATURING “EJ Park”! A musical genius in electric violin.

It has been reported that there are 10,000 “KOPINO” or “KOPINOY” (Korean Filipino) at present and their number continues to rise. It is ironic that it was the Korean themselves, who initiated a move to address the  issue concerning the growing number of “KOPINO”. If there is a Filipina, however, who started this advocacy and convinced the Koreans to address the problem, it is none other than Bella E. Dimayuga of Bellestar Promotions. After 5 decades in the entertainment industry, Sister Bella Dimayuga now devotes most of her time developing talents to benefit not only the Filipinos, but other nations as well.

Then with the Japanese, where her Bellstar Promotions sent thousands of Filipino Entertainers in Japan. Now, spearheading the move to strengthen the Philippine-Korean Relations by convincing the Koreans to recognize the issue on KOPINOYS.

The concert was entertainment as its best! With other Korean artists who arrived straight from Korea, it was a night filled with music and entertainment. Nostalgic, magical, romantic and last but not least, delightful! With upbeat music that swayed some of the crowd to rise and dance with the music!

One Korean performer also sings like Frank Sinatra. At cloud nine, “Come Fly with Me”, except of course, the feature. The night was full of good music and lovely entertainment. It’s worth the time and your effort to be there, with a cause.

For BOOKINGS, details and Inquiries, please contact :

Ms. Bella E. Dimayuga
Philippine Manager
Mobile: 0920-9704644/0922-8751435/0921/7399571
Telefax: 552-7184


Friday, August 19, 2011


Super Typhoon Hits Manila!
Touches the Ground @ Roxas Boulevard

This beautiful, talented, musical genius, “Eun Joo Park” caught Manila by storm when she performed at Midas Hotel with such a powerful display of her mastery of electronic violin! The audiences were not only moved and swayed, but was awed, as this lady takes command of the strings to higher notes in such an eloquently display of mastery of her craft: “Eun Joo Park” popularly know as “EJ Park” captured the heart and soul of the audiences in her debut performance at Midas Hotel along Roxas Boulevard. You can hear the Oh! Ah! Of the audience!

You can see in the face of the audience the power that this talented lady possesses, now considered as the Korean Master of electronic vilolin . . . “Eun Joo Park” capturing the Philippines by storm!

A graduate of Orchestral Music in Korea’s Kywon University, A.I.D.M. Academa Diploma Violini in Rome, Italy, a member of MBC Orchestra, Park is considered a musical genius and a rising star in the field of rock electronic violin, internationally. She shall be having a concert at Araneta Coliseum on Monday August 22, 2011 in celebration of the Philippine-Korea Friendship Day for the benefit of "KOPINOY" (Korean-Pilipino) abandoned Children. She will also be performing live at the different branches of SM Malls nationwide and shall undertake concert tours to promote poster Korean-Pilipino friendship.

Straight from Los Angeles, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations at the Office of the Press Secretary and host of the Pilipinas Ngayon Na! at NBN-4 and now member of the Board of Director of RPN, took no time, as his plane touches the ground, he immediately proceeded to the luxurious Mida’s Hotel, 20 minute away drive from the airport and arrived a little bit earlier for the affair. Fresh from his stint in Europe, Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario was also present with former Miss World Evangeline Pascual, Maning Borlaza of the MTRCB, former Ambassador James Dee, Lolly R. Acosta, President of the NAIA Press Club, Crispina Belen of the Manila Bullettin many more well known showbiz and media personalities.

For further details and Inquiries, please contact :

Ms. Bella E. Dimayuga
Philippine Manager
Mobile: 0920-9704644/0922-8751435/0921/7399571
Telefax: 552-7184

Jeff Baek, Human Resource Manager of VERONA Optical, a top of the line producer of contact lenses and eyeglasses using the most modern and sophisticated equipment from Korea [center] with Miss Angel Locsin look alike and another staff from VERONA.

Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario (in blue shirt, far left) ) with Lolit Acosta, President of the NAIIA Press Corps and Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations, Office of the Press Secretary along with other Press and Media People.

Bella E. Dimayuga with the Head of Midas Hotel Marketing Department, 1973 Miss World 1st Runner Up, Miss Evangeline Pascual and Philantropist, Lolita Escobar Mirpuri.

Roy R. Luga, a cyber advocate who promotes different non-profit advocacy projects internationally with Lolit R. Acosta, NAIA Pres Corps President, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, Bella Dimayuga, representatives of the Midas Hotel with a Media personality.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emil & Jerize's Wedding

Jarize, shall soon be getting married.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dimayuga Wedding Works

This is a test broadcast.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Friday, December 24, 2010


It was the event of the year among the Korean youngsters in the Philippines! A night full of fun, laughter and music as the Korean Student Association in the Philippines bonded together to culminate the launching of its series of intended fund raising campaign projects to help the street children. Led by its President, David Kim with its Vice-President, Adrian Kim, Korean Students all over the country merged and created some noise at Encore, The Fort Entertainment Center, 26th Road, in Makati. The night was attended by celebrities like Bella Dimayuga of the world renowned Bellestar Productions, Executives of KIB7 (Korean Internet Broadcasting Corporation) and well known Korean Student personalities in their respective campuses. "The Baed Night: Let's Party!